SMS Permissions

CADPage works by reading SMS Messages and converting messages from a CAD (Computer Aided Dispatch) and turning that into useful information.


In Android the way we read the SMS messages is by using Android specifc API Calls. These calls allow access to the entire SMS stack so in reality this app sees every SMS message that comes to your phone. but we intentionally ignore those sms messages that are not directly meant for this app.


From: Filter

    In the configuration there is a setting for a From Filter. If this is set then CADPage checks the from address of the SMS message and if it does not match we immediately release the message to the default SMS app and stop processing. This happens inside the first 50 or so lines of our code which you can see for yourself.

Just past line 50 we check for a filter match. If it does not match then we end our app.


We take privacy very seriously and that is why our code is public and available. If you have questions about this please email us.