Financial Support

The Cadpage staff is a small team:  mainly Ken Corbin, the primary Software Developer, and  Jean Goul, the Cadpage Administrator.  Cadpage is our main source of income, and is currently only moderately successful in helping us pay our bills.

We would love to recruit enough part time volunteer developers willing to keep Cadpage on track. If you know any good Android developers who want to contribute to Cadpage, by all means send them here.  As it is, we do hire some part-time developers to help with the development of new locations.

 If you think you can get your department to sponsor its members, send them to Other Support Options.

How things work now

Important note.  If you are getting pages from either or you do not need to pay us.  We get some of the money that you or your department pays them.  If you are trying to pay for an Active911 subscription you should go to their web site and pay them.  We do not want you to be sending money to us.

Cadpage has Payment Status settings that shows what your current payment status is.  The call detail dialog has a button at the bottom of the screen with the same information.   Pressing either one takes you into a menu tree where you should have the option to make a $10 contribution through the Android market.  If you make that payment, your status should change almost immediately and you have a year before we will bug you for more money.    

New users get a 30-day trial period (DEMO) that can be extended when needed.  If the trial period runs out, Cadpage will stop triggering on CAD pages and will instead allow them to drop through to the regular messaging app.  The calls will continue to be logged to call history and will be available if you ask purchase a subscription or just ask for a DEMO extension.

Cadpage will continue to take Paypal payments, but there is no advantage to using them if Android market payments work.  PayPal is intended mainly as a backup if Android market payments don't work for some reason.  There are complications involved with processing Paypal transactions documented here.

And we will continue to hand out free subscriptions to pretty much anyone who says they can't afford them.  At least as long as the total count doesn't go much over 20% of our total subscriber base.

We kind of picked $10 as something that anyone should be able to afford.  That is really high compared to what you normally pay for other general purpose Android apps.  But Cadpage isn't a normal general purpose Android app.

So that's the plan. Feedback and suggestions are most welcome and can be posted here, emailed to, or posted on our Facebook page at

Thanks for your support,

-Ken Corbin