1.4.22 (Locations and Bugfixes)

Post date: Sep 02, 2011 1:54:55 AM

New Locations:

New District: Erie County, PA (alternate)

New District: Greensboro, NC

New District: Ozark, AL

New District: Venango County, PA

New District: Kent County, DE (Alternate)

New District: Douglas County, CO

New Districts: Candler County and Evans County, GA

New District: Erie County, NY


Parsign problem with Gloucester County, NJ

Parsing problem with Sussex County, NJ

Parsing problems with Worcester County, MD

Force close shutting down Cadpage

Clermont County, OH dispatch sender addres has changed

App crashes when parsing invalid MMS PDU content

Parsing problem with Harris County, TX (B)

New FRNKLN city code not recognized for Chester County, PA (B)