New Locations (There are alot)

Post date: Jan 17, 2011 3:4:23 AM

We currently have over 27 new locations in the pending task list.

Each week when we publish an update new people find this app and we get 5-7 more new location requests. 

Because of the high volume and the low developer count (There are two developers currently Ken and I) and since we both have day jobs we can only get about 4 done each week and sometimes less as they can get complicated.

Because of this we need to prioritize new locations. We would like to do this based on Highest Impact with the higher priority. For some that's easy to demonstrate as one locations covers a large county or multiple stations. For others we need you to help us.

If you have a location in the accepted queue (Listed here and you would like to see it get a higher priority please have people add comments to that issue. I hate to do it this way but there is more benefit in coding a parser for 100 people then in coding it for 10. We do plan to get all new locations requests done but right now we need to prioritize them so we can also get back to adding new features as well.

Also if you are a java developer and can help out please email us a support <at> We can use the help but there is no pay :)