Background Location Tracking

Active911 has a feature that allows the real time location of all responders can be displayed on a map.  Cadpage cannot display this map information, but it can report the users location so that it can be displayed on the Active911 maps.  We have always been concerned about the privacy ramifications of this feature, so it was implemented with several safeguards to ensure that users know when it is active.

1) It is not enabled by default.  When you report that you are responding to an Active911 alert, you will be prompted to confirm that you want your location reported to other responders.  When responding to this prompt, you have the option of telling Cadpage to remember this decision and not prompt you when you respond to future alerts.

2) Whenever Cadpage is reporting your real time location, a fixed notification will be displayed in the the notification bar at the top of your display.  Pulling down the notification list will report that Cadpage location tracking is active, and give you the option to turn it off.

3) In any case, location tracking will turned off no later than 20 min after the call was received.

In Android 10 and increasingly in Android 11, Google has some additional restrictions on the ability for apps to track the users location when they are running in the background.  They are quite correct to do so, the potential such apps have to intrude on user privacy is very high.  The problem for Cadpage is that once the user requests a map display, the mapping app becomes the current foreground app and Cadpage is relegated to a background status.  In order to continue reporting the user realtime location for Active911, we need the users (and Google's) permission to track location information from a backgroun status.