Other Support Options

We would really love to have departments sponsor Cadpage for their members, but we have no way of contacting them, except through staff and volunteers.  We offer departments a 30% discount or more! 


Sponsored Locations

An emergency dispatch center or a collection of departments served by that center can choose to sponsor the Cadpage location that services that center.  End users using only sponsored locations will not be expected to make any further financial contributions.  We expect payment of $5 per user per year for sponsored locations.

Department Sponsorship

Department Sponsorship is more suited for single departments.  Each department is responsible for maintaining a list of the members they are sponsoring.  When the list changes, the entire list should be forwarded to the Cadpage support address and we will incorporate it into the next release.  Users on the sponsored list are considered to have a paid subscription for the year.  See Department Member List Format for the required list format.  We expect payment of $7 per user per year for department sponsors.

Checks or money orders can be mailed to


35136 Kings Valley Hwy

Philomath, OR, 97370

We would be happy to send you an invoice, or you may pay using PayPal.

Direct Paging Vendors

If some of your members are using iPhone instead of Android devices, you might want to look into contracting with Codemessaging.net or Active911.com for your paging service.  Both agencies can push pages directly to both the Android and IOS flavors of Cadpage.  Both will charge your department for this service.  But they share some of that income with us, so Cadpage is 100% absolutely free for users getting direct pages from either service.