Getting Started !

We often get questions regarding how to use CadPage.

Here are Ken's basic instructions on getting started with CadPage.

The first step is to go into the location settings, select a single location, and then see if we have a location set up for where you happen to live.  If we do, select it and see if things start working.

If not, then you can thing about getting one set up, and using the generic location in the meantime. 

To add a new location we need 5-10 sample text messages from your dispatch.  Please include what County/City/Company these pages are for so we can place it in the right grouping. Please try to include 1-2 calls with intersections so we can parse those correctly. Include any details you can regarding how the messages are formatted. If possible please include what email the messages come from.

We also need to know what agency is generating these messages and some idea of what other departments receive the same message formats.  If you can identify the CAD software that is sending your text pages that would help a lot.  

Once we have those we can add the location to the list and get it added.

In the meantime, try using the general location setting and set the from: filter to whoever appears in the from: field of your page text messages.  That will usually give you some degree of functionality while you are waiting for full location support.

If you have set up a location and it still isn't working then run through the troubleshooting sequence

Are you getting text pages from your dispatch center?  CadPage works by processing those text messages, if you haven't arranged to have them sent to your device, CadPage won't do anything for you.

If you are getting messages going through to your messaging app, try setting the Location settings > Override Location Filter setting.  Leave the from: filter empty or set to an asterisk.  This bypasses a sender filter that might be filtering out your text messages.

Then wait until the next text pages comes in.  If it still doesn't trigger CadPage, then use the send email to developer feature to send us an email report.  If you don't change the defaults, this will include the most recently received text message, whether or not it was processed by CadPage, which gives us a lot of information we need to resolve the problem.

If the messages  are triggering CADpage, but won't allow you to select map option.  Open the settings menu and select the "Report Problem" menu item.  This will generate an email containing all of the information we should need to track down the problem with this message.  You can get the same menu options from the call history screen by long pressing one of the call entries.

Good luck,