Privacy Policy

Everybody's gotta have one.

This policy is in effect for Cadpage versions 1.9.14-01 or newer.  The privacy policy for older versions of Cadpage can be found at Old Privacy Policy.

Cadpage collects a lot of sensitive information, including...

Your email account information will be collected only if you specifically allow Cadpage to do this.  If authorized, your email accounts will be included in support emails generated by Cadpage to help resolve payment status issues.  They will also be used to query your payment status on our servers.

Your current location is only reported to the Active911 servers if you are responding to an alert delivered by Active911, and only if you have specifically authorized Cadpage to report that information.

Other than that, none of the collected information is sent anywhere or shared with anyone during normal operation.

However, when things go wrong, we will ask you to have Cadpage generate and send us a support email.  This email contains a wealth of technical information that we use to identify and resolve the problem, including all of the information listed above.  In particular, it may contain the sender's email address/phone number and contents of recent text messages.  We hope these will be dispatch alerts, but they can also be sensitive personal messages.  You always have a chance to review and edit this email before it is sent.  Any text message information is always included in the first couple of paragraphs, so you do not have to search through the entire email.