Paypal or Check Payments

Reminder:  If you want to pay for an Active911 subscription, this is not how you do it.  Instead, go to their website and pay them there.  They pay us a portion of the money they collect from Cadpage users.  No further payment from Active911 users is expected.

Android market payments are the preferred means of supporting Cadpage development.  Paypal payments are supported, but they are primarily intended as a backup should the Android market payments not be available.

A Cadpage subscription is $10 per year, which  is exactly what you get from the Android market payments.  However, you can certainly pay for multiple years of Cadpage through PayPal or personal check.


Pay by PayPal

Getting credit for Paypal payments involves this process:

Because this process may take a few days to complete,  we can  give you an authorization code that will turn off the expiration date checks until you install the next release.  The code is only good for 2 days, but once you use it, your extension is effective for at least 30 days.

If the button isn't working for you, you can sign into Paypal and manually transfer funds to  Paypal will tell you this is a business account.

Pay by Check

We can also take checks or money orders, which have to go through the same process as Paypal payments.  These can be mailed to:


35136 King Valley Hwy

Philomath, OR 97270

If you do this, please include your email address and/or phone number, so that we can give you credit for the contribution.

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