Why we need different Android Permissions

These allow us to intercept incoming SMS and MMS messages.




When Cadpage can't identify MMS message as CAD pages until after they show up in the messaging app inbox.  If Cadpage has been configured to not send pages to the default messaging app, it attempts to delete the MMS message from the inbox after the fact.  This can only be done with this permission


These allow us to establish connections with and receive text pages directly from third party messaging vendors

com.google.android.c2dm.permission.  Also used to validate users against subscriber list maintained on our server.


These allow us to display a call popup when the phone is locked



This allows us to determine if a call is in progress so we can decide whether or not to interrupt it with a call popup.


This allows us to determine if the phone has the communication network access needed to make a Google map search request


This allows us to use the vibrate alert settings


This supports the feature to call a configured phone number to indicate that you are responding to a call


This allows us to accept in-app purchases through the Android Market


This allows us to ask which Google accounts you have, which is how we identify you as the person who made a Paypal purchase or received a free Cadpage subscription


This allows us to read the Android system log.  We use this to gather information about what Cadpage has been doing and return it with problem report emails.  When we implement an interface to Scanner Pro, we will use this to identify the channels Scanner Pro has recently opened.


This allows to read your GPS position so it can be sent to a server to be reported to other responders.  Only Active911 currently makes use of this feature.  Your position is only reported if you have enabled GPS position tracking, and if you given explicit permission for this to be reported