MMS Message Support

MMS or Multi Media Service messaging is messaging protocol designed to send music, video, and other multi media media to and from mobile phones.  It is not well suited for use sending text messages longer than the 160 message limit imposed on SMS messaging.  But since more and more dispatch and forwarding centers are using MMS for that purpose, it has become necessary for Cadpage to support MMS messages.

The MMS protocol first sends a notification message which is a specially crafted SMS text message.  This message contains the sender and subject, but contains no message content.  Instead, it contains a URL pointing to a server from which the MMS content can be downloaded.   Earlier versions of Cadpage would wait for the default message app to download the message content, and then process the message text.  But this proved to be more and  more problematic as time went by.  Recent versions of Cadpage will download the message content itself, which has proven to be very reliable.  At the cost of some increased bandwidth because both Cadpage and the default message app need to download the same content data.

Actually, Cadpage now retains both the old and new MMS processing logic.  The old logic was preserved lest we break existing functionality for long time users who had been using the old MMS processing logic.  But the default for new Cadpage installs is to use the new logic.  You can change this setting by opening Cadpage Settings and selecting

Advanced Settings > Message Processing Options > Use old MMS content download logic