Cadpage Paging Service

Cadpage now has a very simple direct paging service.  When you register with this service Cadpage assigns you a unique dispatch email address. It is up to you to get your dispatch alerts sent to this email address. Alerts sent to this address will be forwarded to Cadpage as direct pages.

To start the paging service, open Cadpage Settings and select:

    Direct Paging Venders > Cadpage Paging Service > Register

You should shortly receive a registration confirmation popup that will display your dispatch email address. From there you will have the option to generate an email requesting that your dispatch alerts be sent to this address. Then fill in the address of your department IT person and send it.

This paging service is only available to users or departments that have current paid Cadpage subscriptions. Each device running this service generates expenses that Cadpage must cover.

We especially appreciate the 200+ early adopters with lifetime subscriptions that supported Cadpage at the start. Those members are encouraged to use this paging service as part of their initial investment.

Thank you all for your continued support!