Old Privacy Policy

Everybody's gotta have one.

This is an old privacy policy statement that applies to Cadpage versions earlier that 1.9.14-01

Cadpage collects a lot of sensitive information, including...

In normal operation, none of this information is sent anywhere or shared with anyone.

One obvious exception.  If you get your alerts from Active911, and have specifically authorized Cadpage to share your location, your location will be sent to the  Active911 servers so that it can be included in their map displays.

That covers normal operation. So far so good.

When things go wrong, we will ask you to have Cadpage generate and send a support email.  This email contains a wealth of technical information that we use to identify and resolve the problem, including all of the information listed above.  In particular, it may contain the sender and contents of recent text messages, which we hope will be a dispatch alert, but can also be sensitive personal messages.  You always have a chance to review and edit this email before it is sent, so you will have the opportunity to examine and remove any particularly embarrassing communications.  Any text message information is always included in the first couple of paragraphs, so you do not have to search through everything.