Multiple Versions ! and where's the news ?

Post date: Jan 15, 2012 1:14:26 AM

There are now 2 versions of CadPage on the android market. One is called Cadpage (free) and is just that. Free forever with all the features and abilities that CadPage has had. It will continue to receive updates and new locations but will be slightly behind the main version on release dates. The standard version of Cadpage is also in the android market and will continue to receive weekly updates including fixes and new locations. This version also has additional functionality of now supporting and messaging services. These services now work with CadPage and do not use SMS for delivering messages. 

For the Latest news and headlines please check the facebook page. We update this page as often as we can but the facebook page gets the immediate updates when a new version goes out.

Also for those that keep asking and begging Ken has started working on an IPhone version with some other helpful people. So when that is available we will post more information here.