User Manual

The Config Widget is Here

There are 4 buttons in the Widget which do the following.
Button 1 (logo). This Enables/Disables Cadpage. When disabled Cadpage will not catch calls and the other 2 icons are hidden.
Button 2 (Bell). This Enables/Disables Notifications. When Disabled you will receive no notifications.
Button 3 (Talk Bubble). This Enables/Disables Pop Up Alerts. When disabled you will not receive a PopUp on new calls.
Button 4 (Number Box). This shows the number of Unread messages. When Pressed it will open the CADPage App.
    Button 4 is currently broken in that it does not automatically update the number. We are working on this.

(Screenshots coming)
Main Screen:
When you start CADPage you will see the call history screen. This will be empty when you first start. As you receive calls this will display the most recent calls with the newest one on top.
Click: select a call to have it re-display the popup alert.
Long-Click: Brings up a menu that allows you to "Open, Ack, Map, Lock, Delete, or Report Problem" for that call.
                If you have a problem with a call use the Report Problem Option.
Menu Screen:
There are three options in the Preferences/Menu Screen.
  • Settings - Allows you to set all application options (There are alot)
  • Clear All - Delete all calls that are NOT Unread or Locked
  • Exit - Exit's the app. It will still work if a new call comes in.
  • CADPage Configuration
    • Donation Status - Quick summary of your current donation status.  Pressing this will lead into a set of dialog boxes that will give you more information and different options you can do to change this status.
    • CheckBox - Enable CADPage. When selected this enables the application to read SMS messages. (Read SMS Permissions)
    • Notifications - Sub Menu
    • Additional Settings - Sub Menu
    • Location Information - Sub Menu
  • Other
    • Disclaimer - WebPage with basic details about this app. (Found Here)
    • FAQ - WebPage with FAQ (Found Here)
    • About - About Us (No real Suprise here)
    • E-Mail the Developer - This allows you to email us. It will also include your specific app settings and the last call received if you select those options. This helps in Troubleshooting problems.
Notifications Menu:
  • Default Notifications:
    • Enable Notifications - Checkbox - Enables notifications
    • Override Notification - Checkbox - When checked the app will not use the default notification. Instead it will play a loud sound through the media player at 100% volume. This allows the alert to override if your notification sound is turned down.
    • Notification Sound - List - Select which notification sound to use. (as long as Override Notification is not checked.)
    • Test Notification - This will create a test alert.
  • Vibrate Configuration
    • Vibrate - Checkbox - When Selected the Vibrate options below are enabled for Alerts and Reminders.
    • Vibrate Pattern - List - Select which Vibrate pattern should be used.
  • LED Configuration
    • Blink LED - Checkbox - When selected the Status LED will blink when an Alert is triggered. (Not currently working)
    • LED Color - List - Select which color the LED should be.
    • LED Blink Rate - List - Select the LED Blink speed.
  • Reminder Configuration
    • Enable Reminders - Checkbox - When enabled the phone will re-notify for any alert that has not been ACK, MAP, or Deleted.
    • Number of Reminders - List - How many times do you want to be reminded ?
    • Reminder Interval -  List - How much time between reminder alerts.
Additional Settings:
  • Additional Settings
    • Call History Limit - List - The number of previous calls to show on the main screen.
    • Delete Unopened Call - Checkbox - Allows user to delete or clear calls that have never been opened
    • Autorotate Always on - Checkbox - Enable autorotate based on orientation of the phone.
    • Map Network Status - List - Determines when Cadpage will allow a map request
      • Connected - Only when connected to a Wifi or standard network (not a roaming nework)
      • Roaming - Only when connected to any kind of network.
      • Disconnected - Always
  • Alarm Popup Control
    • Show Popup - Checkbox - When checked enables the Popup alert in addition to the Status Bar Notification.
    • Restrict Keyguard Popup - Checkbox - When checked the Popup will not display if you have keyguard enabled until after you unlock the screen.
    • Restrict In Call Popup - Checkbox - When checked the app will not display a popup during an active phone call.
    • Pass Call through to SMS - Checkbox - When checked all calls will be passed through to the underlying SMS app.
  • Screen Control
    • Screen on for Popup - Checkbox - When checked the app will turn the screen on during an alert
    • Screen Timeout - List - How long will the screen be kept on after an alert is received
    • Dim Popup Screen - Checkbox - When checked screen will be dimmed when powered on.
    • Privacy Mode - Checkbox - When checked limited information will be shown till after the screen is unlocked.
  • Button Configuration
    • Show Buttons on Popup - Checkbox - When checked there are 3 buttons on the popup alert. (4 if you have a callback number configured)
    • Button 1 Configuration - List - List of options for the 1st Button on the popup alert.
    • Button 2 Configuration - List - List of options for the 2nd Button on the popup alert.
    • Button 3 Configuration - List - List of options for the 3rd Button on the popup alert.
Location Information: 
  • Location Information
    • Current Location - Display current selected Location(s)
    • Select Single Location - Two stage selection list that allows you to select one location within one state.
    • Select Multiple Locations- Two stage selection list that allows you to select any number of active locations.
      • If your location is not in the list please select "Generic Location" AND set a FROM: Filter below
    • Override location filter - Checkbox - When checked, allows user From: (Filter) setting to override the sender address filter associated with the currently selected location(s)
    • From: (Filter) - Text - Email addresses or phone numbers.  Cadpage will only consider messages sent from these sources as possible CAD pages. Specified filter only has to match any portion of the actual sender address.  Multiple entries can be separated by a comma.  An empty string will match anything
    • Process general alerts - checkbox - If checked, Cadpage will process any message that passes the sender address filter(s) but is not recognized as a valid CAD page as a general alert.  General alerts are displayed as they are received, and can never be mapped.
    • Show page source - checkbox - If checked, show the source of each CAD page in the call display screen.  Off by default on the theory that most users only respond to one station or department and don't need to see that department code on every call.  Can be turned on for users who respond to multiple stations or departments
    • Callback Number - Text - If set this will enable a phone icon on the Alert that can be pressed and this phone number will then be called. This is for departments with phone based response status.
    • Test Response to last Page - This will test how Cadpage responds to the most recently received text message.  Can be useful when you change location settings and want to see how Cadpage will respond with the new settings.
    • Overrde Default City/State - checkbox - allows user to override the City/County & State associated with the currently selected locations
    • Default City or County - Text - City or County used to override location default
    • Defautl State - Text - State used to override location default
    • Message type processed - List - Types of messages processed by Cadpage
      • SMS messages only
      • MMS messages only
      • SMS and MMS messages
    • MMS download timeout - list - Number of minutes Cadpage will wait for downloaded MMS message content to arrive before timing out
    • Message Report Limit - list - Number of text messages Cadpage will cache and include when email messages to the developers are generated
    • Split message timeout - text - Number of seconds Cadpage will wait for an addition text message to merge into the currently received messages to recreate a split message page
    • Split message min count - list - Minimum number of text message Cadpage will attempt to merge into a split message CAD page.  Cadpage will process a call with less than this number of messages only after the Split message timeout has been exceeded
    • Reverse split msg order - checkbox - When multiple messages are merged into a single CAD page, and the message order is not apparent from the message content, this setting determines how the merged page will be constructed.  If not checked, the message will be constructed with the first received message first.  If checked, the message will be constructed with the first message last.
    • Insert Blanks in Split msg - checkbox - When multiple text messages are merged into a single CAD page, this determines whether a blank should be inserted between the text messages or not.  The correct setting can be hard to determine.  If you see data with inappropriate blanks you might want to uncheck this.  If you see data with missing blanks, you might want to check this.  Changign this setting either way migtht help if your text messages are not being recognized as CAD pages.
    • Split msg check Sender addr - checkbox - When multiple messages are merged into a single CAD page, this setting determines the the sender addresses must match.  Two addresses are considered to match if they are numerically sequential.  This should be left checked except for very rare circumstances
    • Suppress duplicate calls - checkbox - if checked text messages that are exact duplicates of previous received text messages will be ignored.  They will not be processed by Cadpage or passed to the messaging app
    • Publish CAD pages - checkbox - if checked, the parsed data from received text pages will be made available for any third party apps that want to process it.  The only such app we now about currently is Firefighter Log.
Subpages (1): SMS Permissions