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MMS Message Support

MMS or Multi Media Service messaging is messaging protocol designed to send music, video, and other multi media media to and from mobile phones.  It is not well suited for use sending text messages longer than the 160 message limit imposed on SMS messaging.  But since more and more dispatch and forwarding centers are using MMS for that purpose, it has become necessary for Cadpage to support MMS messages.

Cadpage support for MMS messaging was/will be introduced in v1.4.13.  It is still highly experimental.  It makes extensive use of undocumented interfaces to the android messaging system, which means there is no guarantee that it will continue working under future Android system upgrade.  It works reliably on one phone (mine) under one particular version of the Android system.  How well it will work with your phone and your system remains to be seen.

MMS support is NOT enabled by default.  If you want to receive MMS messages, you must go into the location settings and find the Message type processed setting.  This defaults to SMS messages only, but can be changed to MMS messages only or SMS and MMS messages.

The MMS protocol first sends a notification message which is a specially crafted SMS text message.  This message contains the sender and subject, but contains no message content.  Instead, it contains a URL pointing to a server from which the MMS content can be downloaded.  The problem for Cadpage is that it can not know if the is a CAD page until that content has been received, and it has to decide whether or not to block passing of the message to the regular messaging app before it has this information.  Our solution is to always allow the message to go through to the messaging app, request that the messaging app download the message content for us, and then, once the message content has been retrieved and we determine that this is a CAD message, delete it from the messaging app.  While this works, it means that until the message content is downloaded (30 sec or more), the message will be being handled by the default messaging app and any configured notifications or popups by the messaging app will occur.  The actual observed result with the default HTC messaging app is

  1. Messaging app plays the message received alert sound
  2. 30 seconds later, the messaging app plays another message content downloaded alert sound
  3. 4-5 seconds later, Cadpage gets the message and plays it's call received alert sound.  At this point any notifications, alerts, or popups displayed by the regular messaging app are cancelled.
Behavior with other messaging clients, Handcent or Go SMS, may differ.  Try it and see what you get.