Download Cadpage

The current version of Cadpage should be available from the Android Market at

If you have a QR code reader installed on your phone you can scan the following code to get there.  If you don't, you ought to give it a try.  QR Droid is the one I use


As things now stand, on March 9, 2019, Cadpage updates distributed through Google play store will be forbidden from accessing incoming text messages.  Users who receive direct alerts from Code Messaging or Active911  or the Cadpage paging service will not be affected.  Users who have a paid Cadpage subscription and can route their dispatch alerts through the Cadpage Paging Service are strongly advised to do so.

Users who are receiving text dispatch alerts and can not or do not wish to route them through are paging service will need to install the Cadpage support app.  This support app basically performs all of the Cadpage functions that are now forbidden for regular play store apps.  Which of course means that it can not be distributed through the play store and must be downloaded here.  Once you have downloaded and installed it, Cadpage should return to full functionality.  At least until Google catches on to what we are up to and puts a stop to it.  Select cadpage-support.apk or use the following QR code to download the support app.

To install the downloaded Cadpage support app on Android 8 (Oreo) and up...
  1. Open the download page in your web browser (usually Chrome)
  2. Click the download link under cadpage-support.apk file at the bottom of this page
  3. If you are warned about not being allowed to install unknown apps from Chrome
  4. Click Settings
  5. Turn on the "Allow from this source" setting and press the back button
  6. You should be asked if you want to install a Cadpage update.  Press "Install"
  7. You should be good to go
However, leaving Chrome with permission to install apps is a potentially dangerous security issue.  You probably want to turn that capability off again.  To do this...
  1. Open the main Android system settings
  2. Select Apps & Notifications > Advanced > Special App Access > Install unknown apps
  3. Select Chrome
  4. Turn off the "Allow from this source" setting
To install the downloaded Cadpage support app on Android 7 and below...
  1. You have to enable installs from unknown (meaning other than Android Market) sources.
    Main > Menu > Settings > Security > Unknown Sources
    This does open a potential security issue so you might want to turn this off again once you have installed the Cadpage beta release.
  2. Open the Download app, select the cadpage-support.apk file, and press OK when asked to replace the application
SelectionFile type iconFile nameDescriptionSizeRevisionTimeUser

  9312k v. 58 Jan 31, 2023, 8:38 PM ken Corbin

Standalone Cadpage Parsing Library  10705k v. 333 Jan 17, 2023, 1:25 PM ken Corbin

  1088k v. 6 Jul 28, 2021, 5:13 PM ken Corbin

  1080k v. 2 Oct 24, 2012, 11:59 PM Kenneth Corbin