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Cadpage and Active911

It turns out that it is possible to run both the Cadpage and Active911 apps to on the same device while processing the same Active911 alerts.  

See Installing Active911 after Cadpage for detailed directions on installing Active911 after Cadpage.
See Installing Cadpage after Active911 for detailed directions on installing Cadpage after Active911

This works because the Active911 servers do not send any alert information to the Active911 app the way they do to Cadpage.  Instead, they only push an alert signal that tells the Active911 app to check for any updates on the servers.  This update check happens any time the Active911 app is started, even if the alert signal was only sent to the Cadpage app.

The latest version of Cadpage allows you to configure an "Active911" button that will launch the Active911 app directly from the call display window.  This can be handy if you want to see how both apps are handling the same alert.  It is also useful if you want to use Cadpage as your primary alert response app, but still be able to access the hydrant and responder map information that is only available from the Active911 app.

The Cadpage and Active911 apps are starting to use a different set of parsers to extract information from your dispatch alerts.  Which means they may display different information and may not always map to the same location, which is probably the best reason why you might want to keep both apps active.  Technical details on what is going on can be found at Cadpage and Active911 Parsers.