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CadPage receives SMS pages from a central FIRE/EMS Cad and then presents options for mapping the call, driving directions, and other features. It keeps a history of calls and allows for customized alerts.

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CadPage is Open Source Software and is released under the GNU GPL v3 License. CadPage is derived from an original application called SMSPopUp
Further Details and Source are available Here.

Will this work for Your local department, county, area ?

In most cases yes. All we need are a few sample messages from your dispatch that can be used to write a decoder/parser and to test with. Once that is in hand we can add your locality in and you can give it a try.

Email at least 3-4 example texts to support@cadpage.org please have at least one that is based on an intersection as well as some street addresses. From that we can start the work.


  • Add personal notes for specific locations
  • real-time driving directions (now working by pressing on the address in map view)
  • distinct volume control
  • ability to use your own wave files for alert sound
  • tie into radio-scanner for triggering scanner audio as an option.
  • Setup a calendar/schedule for auto enable-disable to match when you are on duty.
  • work with other delivery methods (email, server, or other options)

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Please read our Disclaimer regarding the proper use of this application.

CadPage is a program that is initially based on the smspopup application.