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Cadpage 2.0 Status

The January 9, 2019 deadline has come and gone.  And both Cadpage and the Cadpage message support app remain available in the Play Store.  Nobody seems to know just what Google plans to do and when they plan to do it.  But the latest version of Cadpage will once again recommend that users that use Cadpage to process SMS and MMS messages install the message support app.

We received an official form letter confirming that Cadpage can continue to process text messages until March 9.  And that our request to continue using message permissions beyond that was still being reviewed.

I have completed work on a message restricted version of Cadpage that utilizes the message support app to get around the potential prohibition on Play Store apps accessing text messages.  This is not being published yet, and if Google relents, may never be published.  But we do have it ready to roll out if needed.  This required some changes to the message support app, so make sure that you have the latest update before it disappears on Jan 9.

As of January 9, 2019, Google plans to no longer allow apps access to incoming text messages.   Apps that depend on message access as a core part of their functionality can request a waiver, but such waivers are not going to be routinely disbursed.  Since most Cadpage users still rely on our ability to process text messages, I have already applied for this waiver and been turned down.  I have submitted a second waiver request trying to make the case that this is a critical tool for emergency responders.  But I would put the odds of this succeeding at no better than 50-50.  While it is still possible that this waiver may be granted, we need to start planning on adapting to a world where Cadpage is not permitted access to incoming text messages.  

The latest news is that it appears that applying for a waiver extends the compliance deadline out to March 9, even if that request is turned down.  So we should have a little more time to make this transition.

If Cadpage is currently using the direct paging services (CodeMessaging, Active911, or Cadpage Paging) to deliver all of your dispatch alerts, no further action is required.  Cadpage will continue to function normally.

If you are, like most users, still relying on Cadpage to process text dispatch alerts, then action will need to be taken.

If you have a paid or lifetime subscription status, you should plan on switching to using the Cadpage Paging Service instead of text message alerts as soon as possible.

Otherwise, life is going to get complicated.  We have published a new Cadpage message support app that is going to take over all of the functions that Cadpage is soon going to be prohibited from performing.  Everyone who plans on depending on having Cadpage trigger from text message needs to install this app ASAP.  Cadpage will not actually require this support app to function until March 9.  But the support app will still disappear from the Play Store on January 9.  So get it while you can.

The latest version of Cadpage will prompt you to install the support app if it is going to be needed.  Even though it will not actually be required until March 9.

If you have Cadpage configured to receive text alerts and direct pages, you will be prompted to either install the support app or to drop text message support.  Most users with this configuration can safely drop text message support.  The exception would be users who belong to two different departments, one sending direct pages and another sending text alerts.  In that case you would need to install the message support app.