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Cadpage 2.0 Status

As of November 1, 2018 Google does not allow us to distribute updates to classic Cadpage 1.x through the Google Play Store.  They did give us plenty of warning that this was coming and a new improved Cadpage 2.0 app that can be distributed through the Play Store is ready to release.

As of November 14, 2018, Active911 fully supports Cadpage 2.0.  This means the next version Cadpage 2.0  can now be published as a production release.  This should happen in the next few days.

Cadpage 2.0 is dropping support for Android versions earlier than 4.0.  Android 4.0 was first release in October 2011, and it seems incredible that anyone would still be running older versions that.  But according to Google, we still have one active users who is.  Whoever you are, you just are not going to be getting regular Cadpage updates.  We will continue to support you, and if you do run into a problem that needs to be fixed, we will find some way to get it to you without using Play Store.

And now for the next crisis.   As of January 9, 2019, Google plans to no longer allow apps access to incoming SMS text messages.   Apps that depend on SMS access as a core part of their functionality can request a waiver, but such waivers are not going to be routinely disbursed.  Since most Cadpage users still rely on our ability to process text messages, I have already applied for this waiver and been turned down.  I have submitted a second waiver request trying to make the case that this is a critical tool for emergency responders.  But I would put the odds of this succeeding at no better than 50-50.  Stay tuned for further developments.